Monday, February 28, 2011

Triumph project . .

I was looking  for parts for my lil' '58  triumph
when I received the adress of an old man who had
sold a great part of his huge collection of old motorcycles.
He still has a lot of parts and I found a complete rebuild
engine, a 500 cc Unit. At first I wanted to hold it in case
of problem with my '58 . . . but rapidly it began to make
bubbles in my brain . . 'till my friend Lo' (you know, the guy
who bought the 1929 model A project) told me he had a
rigid '67 trump frame. This was the base for my future
chopper. I found the wheels : 18 inches at the rear,
21 for the front, i found a 1971 fork I already transformed.
Some pics of the parts, already shortened the rear ribbed fender,
customized the fork.



Rear tire is an Avon MKII  400 x 18.


Tank is a Triumph Cub, looking like a Wassel.

This is a virtual mockup with the trump gas tank.

Ain't no Chopper . .
Ain't no bobber . . .
Itt's a Chobber . ! !

The ball bearings are going to be replaced by conic modern bearings.

to be continued . .

Ok . . Ok . . . . behalve for the money . . !!

This funny little DonaldDuck reminds me the
funny litle bastard at the back of my Airflow . . .

i'm working on the engine : everything dismantled.
Everything has been replaced. Difficult to find +060
bearings  and  -.030 main bearings but thanks to the
Airflow club in the US, i finally found them.



Sunday, February 27, 2011

My next project : Ford 5 windows coupe 1930
'59 Buick Nailhead Powered.

I found the half front body here and the other half
 (roof, quarter panels, decklid in the UStates.
Already rebuilt the engine completely 3 years ago.


I had to shorten the doors because it came from a
Tudor (4 cm - 1 1/2 inches too long.)


Transmission is a saginaw (gm).

The cowlpanels are going to be replaced by complete roadster
panels, the only complete panels available.


The boby is going to be installed in a 1932 frame.
A great example of the same kind of coupe is the
verry cool Brian Bass coupe.


Saturday, February 26, 2011

This is it . . ! ! !

This is why I have sold the lil' 1929 roadster.

A verry rare Chrysler C300 1955.
What a great piece of history.
Considered to be the verry first muscle car of the history.
Found this one near Paris and took it home .
Many parts missing. I finally found everything in the USA,
someone who was parting out a completely rotten C300.

Here it is . . .




Engine complete and original matching numbers.
Still missing the air filters.

My new little toy . .

Came by this nice 1958 unit Trump . .
could'nt let someoene else take the sikle home.
So . . it took all the money I could find in my ol' jeans
and work pants and took the baby home.
The triumph was abandoned for 10 years but in exellent
condition. Replaced tires, oils, gasoline, and . . . .
On the road again ..


Bye bye 1929 roadster

Had to sell this hotrod project, a Ford 1929 body on
1932 rails, to buy another great car . . .
It's now in the hands of my friend Laurent . . .in good hands
in fact, he's gonna built a great nostalgia hotrod with this one.
It stays in the "family" . .   ;o)




1931 model A roadster

From a pile of old rust to a nice oldschool roadster.
I worked seven years to achieve this project . .
Body is an original model A roadsster body but in verry
bad condition . .  The rear body had to be replaced,
so bad, like "dentelle de Brugges" . . . or cigarette paper
if you prefere . .


The chassis is a model B (1932) one, ASC rails with model A front and
rear crossmembers . .
Engine : French Flathead
Steering box : F100
Rearend : 1937 ford banjo, shortened torque tube.
Gearbox : 46 Ford.
Wheels : 1937 wide bolt patterns.
Front end : 4 inches dropped Ibeam.

First mockup after 3 years of work

First time the engine starts

I've painted the car in a dark blue that refers to the US Navy
WW2 airplanes .

The fist time the car hits the road . . . terrific . . .
still lots of things to do.

Finally last year in august, the car was ready to make it's fist long
distance trip to the HotRod hayride in UK . . .
The car was reliable, just a little problem with the radiator( loss of
water) .  What a terrific experience . .  ! !


CHRYSLER Aiflow 1934

in fact it's a DeSoto 1934, but for export it was badged
I knew this car for more than 25 years. It was always a dream
to own this one but it wasn't for sale. Three years ago the owner
told me it could be mine, how happy I was . .
This one was discovered in France in 1969, sleeping in the garage
of an old car specialist. It was imported new in 1934 in Marseilles.
After WW2 the car was transformed into a tow car in a garage in Nice.
Originally black, it was then painted in Red and Black and the name of the
garage and a DonaldDuck (at the back) was then painted.
This car is a coupe model and is INCREDIBLE . . .








Already made a big work to remove the thick dirt of the car.